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New Movements:

Priority 1: Recruit new members. E-mail us at unitedbassoon@yahoo.com, or post a message on the corkboard on the homepage of this website, or write a message in the guest book. We'll try to respond to you as soon as possible. Membership is free and open to anyone who plays bassoon.

Priority 2: Advocate the UW Madison Double Reed Day. It's at Humanities on the Madison campus, January 21. It's a great experience for everyone of all playing abilities. In addition, Fox Bassoons will have models avaible to be played. Perhaps Moosmann will being some this year, too. Door Prizes (including awesome mandrils, one of which I won last year :-)) are given out.

Priority 3: Bassoon Play-in for Madison area players. More on this later, when more interested members have joined.

Priority 4: BASSOONCHRISTMAS! (yup, one word). This is a link to the TubaChristmas website, so you can get a feel for what we're trying to do.



Currents Events:

Wow!! After almost a year of waiting, and 4 months after ordering, Nora finally received her new bassoon!

"The anticipation was unbearable," she said.

December 20, 2005, a date that will forever live on in our memories, a cell phone rang, bearing good tidings: THE BASSOON HAS ARRIVED.

"It played very well, and the intonation of this model (Renard 240) can be described as nothing less than excellent," was the analysis by Nora. Isis has yet to try it.


United Bassoons of Madison