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Bassoon Product Links:

Fox Bassoons: http://www.foxproducts.com/

Moosman Bassoons: http://www.b-moosmann.de/e/

Puchner Bassoons: http://www.puchner.com/

Edmund Nielson Woodwinds: http://www.nielsen-woodwinds.com/

Everything from bassoons, to bocals, to reeds, and more.

Madison Music Organizations

Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras

A group with rehersals every Saturday during the school year for students 5-12 grades.

Madison Symphony Orchestras

A group in Madison with great concerts.

Dixie Land Jazz Band

A great jazz band in the McFarland area.

Also, you can read about Nora and Isis under the "Second String Violin Duo" link.










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